Black Mamba Protection –BMPpro+™

vehicle body cloud security technologyKey Features:
• 1080p True HD recording
• Night Vision
• 8 to 10 hours of record time
• Internal Memory (16gb and 32gb)
• PTT: Push To Talk for compatible 2 way-radios – See Compatible Two Way Radios Here
• 8 Port Docking Station for quick charging and data transfer
• 2” Full Color rear LCD to full video on site


BMPpro+™ body-worn HD camera by Black Mamba Protection. Made with a drop-resistance shell, IP67 certified, MIL-STD-810F, and ease of use with enhanced features including: True HD video resolution, Push-To Talk, and chain of evidence security software. Video data is recorded internally to ensure safe storage and no fumbling with memory cards. Quick playback in the field with full color display screen on the device, no need to find a computer or smart phone.

BMPpro+™ was recently assessed by Booz Allen Hamilton prepared by System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER ) and Department of Homeland Securuty where the the report for the BMPpro+ received a Capability score of 3.9.

The following information is based on rigorous testing criteria by Booz Allen Hamilton upon the request of System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER ) and Department of Homeland Securuty:

“BMPpro+ The recorded video was sharp and clear. People and objects were clearly identifiable in both the daytime traffic stop and residential call scenarios. While reviewing the daytime traffic top scenario video, labels on the beer bottles were readable.

In addition, it was evident in the residential call scenario video that the suspect had a weapon in her pocket.  The low-light performance of the camera during the nighttime traffic stop scenario (IR illuminator turned off) was good when light was present; people and objects were clearly identifiable when illuminated with the flashlight or the spotlight of the patrol car. During review of the residential call scenario video, people and objects were difficult to discern without the use of a flashlight until the IR illumination was activated, at which point the video was clear again.

The camera captures a wide field of view; all cones appeared on the video captured during the daytime traffic stop scenario, and a wide area of each room was captured on video during the residential call scenario despite the close quarters.

Overall, the visual, audible, and tactile system indicators met expectations. The LED indicators can be seen by the wearer and the camera vibrates and beeps once when recording is started and again when it is stopped. When in covert mode, only the LCD is turned off; the status LEDs on the top of the camera remain illuminated and the audible indicator still beeps.

 It was easy to place the camera in covert mode with the press of a button for a few seconds; however, the button is difficult to locate and is not labeled for covert mode, which may require the user to reference the manual.”

Booz Allen Hamilton Assessment  – April 2015

Black Mamba Protection’s Body-Worn HD Camera with internal memory options of 16gb and 32gb. 15 second pre-event and 15 second post-event recording capability with all video resolutions.

Docking station for all BMPpro allows automatic file uploading and simultaneous recharging of BMPpro. Each BMPdock has multiple docking and officers do not need to be present while files upload. Officers can dock their BMPpro in seconds and continue with their work.

BMPnest License covers software access and all tech support plus updates while BMPnest License is active. BMPnest Lite is design with a simple interface along with local storage option instead of cloud storage.

BMP installation & training. On-site training Trainers up to 5 individuals, Dedicated Project Manager (Ideally assigned 4 – 6 weeks prior to roll-out), Weekly project planning meetings (up to 3 weekly, no longer than 30 minutes), System Admin & trouble shooting training sessions (2 on-site sessions), End user go live training and support sessions ( up to 3 on-site sessions), Document packet, Post review session. Installation of hardware will be scheduled for efficiency so it does not interfere with daily operations of the client.

BMPnestPlus / Standard
Black Mamba Protection’s secure cloud storage solution for all upload videos from BMPpro line of products and additional notes. Data can be restored and accessed to add additional notes and review. This will include the use of bandwidth to ensure access to the data is not impaired. Exclusive with BMPnest.
Plus = 25 gb per month storage
Standard = 10 gb per month storage

BMPproWarranty plan for BMPpro and all additional hardware. BMPproW includes hardware replacement, RMA, and tech support. 3 year BMPproWarranty comes standard with all BMPpro and optional 4 and 5 year warranty upgrades.


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