Black Mamba Protection simplifies the buying and selling processes by targeting and providing tailor solutions to 5 Markets that we identify having the most need and highest benefit from our end-to-end in-car HD video solution and body-worn HD video cameras.


Law Enforcement

The Patriot 

  • Increase officer safety
  • Training and Education
  • Increase professionalism and liability protection
  • Video evidence


Fire Department

The Hero 

  • Accident analysis and reconstruction
  • Quicker response time with Navigational Aid
  • Increased security
  • HD video recording en route


First Responders/EMS

The Responder  

  • Better emergency containment via video
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Video recording of the scene


Pupil Transportation

The Guardian  

  • Better vehicle and route management via GPS tracking
  • Enhance driving
  • Stop-Arm external video for increase safety
  • Interior and exterior video



The Protector  

  • Prevent misuse of vehicles
  • Deter break-ins and theft
  • GPS management


BMPpro™ / BMPpro+™

  • 1080P Full HD Color Video Recording up to 60 FPS
  • Night vision capability in both video and camera mode
  • 16 Megapixel Camera in Both Night Vision and Full Color
  • Instant Playback with 2.0″ Color LCD display
  • Push To Talk  Compatibility with 2 way Radios


All Black Mamba Protection Packages 

Come standard with all inclusive end-to-end video solution at no extra cost (excludes BMPpro™ and BMPpro+™)

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Onsite Installation
  • Highest Level Quality Assurance Process
  • Installation Warranty
  • 3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Remote Management Software
  • Client Management Software
  • All Hardware and Cameras for Fully-Operational Solution

*Additional add-ons are also available to provide customizable tailored solutions to meet any project requirements.